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Female Orgasm Enhancer

Side Effects

Possible Side Affects
Just like any other supplement, FemXL may cause some minor side effects or discomfort. Below are the side effects that have been reported and remedies to prevent them.

Beware of companies that say there are no side effects from their product. This is completely false. All supplements have the potential to create side effects.

Nausea Or Upset Stomach
This is the most commonly reported side effect from our customers. The reason for this is because the customer took FemXL on an empty stomach. When instructed to try it the next day with a meal and liquid such as water these uncomfortable feelings stopped. FemXL should never be taken with an empty stomach.

Rise In Blood Pressure
We usually get this report from customers that are already on medication from high blood pressure. If you have a known blood pressure condition, or any other medical condition, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist to discuss any counter actions that you may experience when taking FemXL.