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What Is Low Libido? How does it effect Womens Sexual Desires?

What is low libido for women?

A low libido refers to a lack of desire in having sexual intercourse. While low libido can affect both sexes, it is more commonly reported in women than in men.

The American Medical Association has estimated that several million US women suffer from what doctors there call female sexual arousal disorder.

The desire for sex is very similar to a desire for food, in that both can be defined as a type of “appetite.” Just as we can have a loss of appetite for food, we lose our desire for sex as well.

Some doctors think that nearly half the female population, as much as 40%,  lack sex drive. Many of these women have no problems with having orgasms. Rather, they have no real desire to have sex and their minds are not turned on by the prospect of love-making. Fortunately, for many women this lack of libido is only temporary.

Sexual desire varies from person to person and desire, in most instances, depends on a range of circumstances. Sometimes a low libido is a result of underlying physical conditions, while at other times it may be linked to mental issues or a combination of the two.

What Causes low libido?

Anemia, which is very common in women because of iron loss during periods.
Alcoholism or drug abuse.
Major diseases such as diabetes.
Post-baby ‘coolness’, a term we have coined for the loss of libido that often happens after childbirth. It is almost certainly linked to hormonal changes that occur at this time. The general trauma of childbirth also plays a part – and after having a baby, many women are too exhausted to think about sex.
Prescribed drugs, particularly tranquillizers.
Stress, anxiety and overwork
Other psychological issues
Hormonal imbalances is a major cause of loss of libido. As we get older and we encounter many of the above causes in our daily lives, our bodies use up many hormones that are essential for our well being and our sexual life. We need to replenish these hormones for our bodies to perform the way it is supposed to.

Effects of low libido in women

Low libido can cause a range of relationship difficulties and may also affect self esteem.

Lack of libido may bring about feelings of guilt, depression, anger, stress shame and low self–esteem.


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